Back in the days at Deus Surf Swap

Last Sunday was a pretty exciting day for the surf board collectors, nostalgia dreamers, wave lovers and cool guys ( and girls ) !

Deus ex Machina organised their annual Surf Swap in the beautiful and historic Bondi Pavilion where hundreds of pre 1990’s surf boards were reunited to be swapped, bought, valued by experts or just exhibited.
It was the occasion for me to discover surf other than in the water, I mean more safely…

As everyone knows, surf has its own culture and it has evolved through the decades since it appeared ( more than 100 years ago in Australia for example ). Shapes, fins, graphics, brands, colours, styles, manoeuvres etc… all are specific of a period, becomes cool or has been, new or vintage.
So, when Deus decides to put together such an event, the Surf Swap becomes better than an art gallery and offers a huge graphic resource of inspiration.

That is also the occasion to meet people, to browse some old Tracks surf magazines, to observe a shaper hand crafting in front of our eyes, to eat/drink very “healthy” food, to pose next to a beautiful 66 Plymouth Barracuda, to spend a nice moment and to capture this event with thousands of pictures…
I did and I am happy to share a few shots.


IMG_6593 IMG_6594 IMG_6615 IMG_6612 IMG_6607 IMG_6603 IMG_6602 IMG_6597 IMG_6617 IMG_6621 IMG_6625 IMG_6629 IMG_6658 IMG_6670 IMG_6694 IMG_6693 IMG_6689 IMG_6687 IMG_6678 IMG_6746 IMG_6755 IMG_6764 IMG_6772 IMG_6776 IMG_6787


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