Bachir Moukarzel, photo du vertige.

I have never really liked drones… It is noisy, it is invading, it is trendy, it is expensive and they tend to be very irritating during your (quiet) holidays…

But one day, one photographer challenges your opinion on this stupid little flying machine. This photographer is Bachir Mourkazel and everything changed with this picture :


Based in Dubai, Bachir Moukarzel is an aerial photographer. He was born and raised in Lebanon and moved to Dubai at a young age where he both studied and is currently working. His love for photography started when he began using an action camera but grew with his discovery of drone footage. 

-Click to enlarge the pictures-

Bachir started capturing images which could not be possible without the use of a drone. When he came to Dubai in 2002, there was nothing but sand. Over a period of time, it has been urbanised. His photos represent mostly the symbolic progress of the city. A fast and impressive urban transformation.

-Click to enlarge the pictures-

After only four years of practicing his passion, Bachir has become a certified commercial drone pilot and PolarPro brand ambassador. He is also the award winner of International Drone Photography Contest 2017 (urban category) and continues travelling the world to capture the most interesting sites.

He recently shot in Philippines and the result is stunning!

You can view his work on his instagram or his website.

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